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NOTE FOR CANINE ADVERTISING: If you need a digital image for advertising, please purchase the image in digital format. Any request for a digital image after purchasing a print of any size (of that image) will not be processed until payment for that image in digital format has been made. Example: When you purchase a 4x6 print, the high-res digital will not be sent at your request for advertising without further payment. 


PHOTO USAGE TERMS–When making an image purchase, the disclaimer at the end of your invoice refers to stock photography only on this site.

If you are purchasing images for marketing your dog as a special or are a breeder and would like to place on your website; your purchase gives you the right to use any purchased images as necessary for marketing needs. (advertising, websites, business cards, etc.) You cannot resell any image/images from this site. Krista Droop Photography & Advertising retains all Copyrights to images on this site.


NOTE–Uploaded images are low-res. You may request a high-res version to review before you purchase if necessary at eye4dogs@mac.com

Visit www.kristadroop.com for all your marketing needs.



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