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Y E A R   E N D   S A L E

T H E S E   I M A G E S   A R E   G O I N G   A W A Y   F O R E V E R...

Buy 5 or more  High Resolution Digitals

from 2012 or 2013 before January 31st

and get 40% off!

CANINE ADVERTISING: Any request for a digital image after purchasing a print of any size (of that image) will not be processed until payment for that image in digital format has been made. Example: If you purchase an 8x10 print that does not entitle you to a high-resolution digital of that same image.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The logo/photo credit on any images purchased in a digital or print format is NOT to be removed for any reason. If for some reason your advertiser or designer removes, deletes, covers up or in any other way hides the logo and does not provide a comparable photo credit with notification to the photographer ahead of time for the image you will be held liable. Unfortunately our increasing technology is easily allowing copyright laws & regulations to be carelessly overlooked.


On a this site you will be purchasing digital or printed image/images, not the copyright to the image/images. You may print the digital images provided and use the images as needed for your campaign i.e. ads, social media, websites etc. and your own personal use only. You may not give printed or digital image/images away for publications, book, editorials etc. without written permission from the photographer.

You cannot resell any image/images purchased from this site for further profit. Krista Droop Photography & Advertising retains all Copyrights to images on this site. Any use other than what has been described above is strictly prohibited and will be enforced as needed by U.S. copyright laws.

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